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Josh grew up on a cattle ranch in western Colorado. Training horses was not the family focus at the time; rather, it was earning a living from livestock. Soon his dad switched gears from working cattle to training horses. When John decided to share his training methods with others, Josh was there with him traveling the country and riding in the clinics. At age 16, Josh gave weekend clinics, trained horses and conducted private instruction at a facility in Minnesota. It was then he realized that he too had a passion for training horses and a gift for teaching people. After graduating high school, Josh worked full time with his dad. Some years more than 30 weeks were spent on the road giving symposia, clinics and expos. At home, Josh assisted with the John Lyons Certification Program, a program he now conducts, manages and owns. The Lyons' Legacy had begun.

In addition to the Colorado facility, the John and Josh Lyons Certification Program has since expanded and as a result, Josh and his wife and partner, Jana, as well as their sons, have relocated in order to establish a training facility in the greater Nashville, TN area, where they now reside.  Whether it be for clinics, the John and Josh Lyons Certification Program, or performance training, Josh and Jana are in constant demand.  Currently, the Certification Program, one of the world's most sought after equine educational schools, has produced hundreds of certified trainers spread across  43 states and 6 countries.

Kristi's love for horses began as a child. However she did not begin her journey learning to ride until after her two children were in high school, she was 38 years old, . Kristi began competing in different disciplines, such as barrel racing, cowboy mounted shooting, pole bending, etc. At which point she began to understand that everytime you ride a horse, you are training that horse. Therefore she felt she needed a good solid understanding of horse training principles that are safe for the rider and the horse. In 2010, she graduated from the John and Josh Lyons Legacy program as a Certified Trainer. In 2013, she graduated from John and Josh Lyons Legacy program as an Accredited Trainer. Kristi loves to help other people and inspire them to pursue their own dreams with horses. She teaches riding lessons and trains horses out of her facility, "Collett Country Farm" in Powder Springs, Georgia.

Find Jan in the Big South Fork National Forest in Tennessee running NJoyNTrailRiding services.

"What makes a student stand out is their love and passion and commitment to the horse industry. 

Jan Naetzker has this and more. Her greatest passion is extreme trail riding, and wanting to share this with her clients. She deals in several areas, with an enormous response to her ability to help people with fear and confidence issues.  Jan is one of those students you don't run across very often. We are extremely proud and honored to have her not only as a friend but to be part of the Lyons Legacy trainers. If you have the opportunity to work with Jan I promise you won't be disappointed. She is highly recommended from the Lyons family."                              ~ Josh Lyons

“I stepped up on my first horse when I was 4yrs old.  As a child, I can't remember ever wanting to be anything other than a cowboy.  Almost 50 years later, I'm still in love with everything about the horse.  Several years ago I was looking for a "Better Way"... A way to break and train horses that would give the horse "A Better Deal".  While shopping in a farm and ranch supply store, I found a VHS tape of a John Lyons Symposium.  As I watched the tape I realized that there was "A Better Deal" out there for horses.  After watching the John Lyons Symposium VHS tapes I had a burning desire to learn everything I could learn about giving horses “A Better Deal”.  

I studied the video and written works of John Lyons, Josh Lyons, Tom Dorrance, Martin Black, Buck Branaman, & Ray Hunt just to name a few.  Then one day a few years ago I met Josh Lyons.  Little did I know that my life as a Horseman was about to change forever.  I had met someone who could help me become the true horseman that I had dreamed of being. It wasn't long until I enrolled into the Lyons Legacy Certification program and became a John and Josh Lyons Certified Trainer and then in 2013 I completed the Josh Lyons Accreditation Program.  My passion is with private instruction, clinics, the troubled horse and helping horses with their humans.  Giving the troubled horse or the horse and rider the best deal possible.  All I've ever wanted to be is a Cowboy; I don't remember ever wanting to be anything else.  My Christian walk has taught me that if you dream it... If you Pray for those dreams... Through Jesus Christ; your dreams will come true....  I'm living proof!

Tom Dorrance once said; "I try to feel what the horse is feeling and operate from where the horse is."   Taking Mr Dorrance’s words to heart: “I try to work from where the horse is... And from where the Heart is.” “ ~ "Be The Change" ~ Eddie Ray

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